To add a role, you must complete the following steps:
1. Choose "manage roles" in the main menu
2. Press button "Create" ( ) from action menu
3. Enter role name. Also, it is important to remember that changing the name of a role, after you save it, will not work.
4. Next, you need to select permissions for the role, that is, which pages and actions users will have access to with this role. Description of permissions:

remove - allows user to delete post
publish - allows user to publish post
save - allows user to create and edit posts
roles - allows user to create, edit and delete roles
users - allows user to create, edit and delete users
admin -allows user to create, edit and delete apps and schemas

5.The next step is to select the schemes that users will have access to. For example, if you have a cinematic-themed website and you create a role for movie description editors, it would be logical to choose a scheme related to adding films.
6. Then press "Save" ( ) button from action menu

Then you can click "Back" ( ) to return to the previous page.

Important! Sometimes you need to reload the page, so changes can take an effect and the role appears in the roles list.