You will learn:

1- Start screen (also called main menu)

2- Quick access toolbar (left menu)

3- Workspace

4- Action menu (right menu)

5- Split screen

DataRillCMS user interface blocks
Pic 1. User interface
1. Quick access toolbar
2. Split screen panel
3. Workspace
4. Active screen indicator
5. Action menu
Quick access toolbar and action menu are called together "side menus"

1. Start screen

DataRillCMS main screen
Pic 2. Start screen

Start screen is a main menu of the CMS. The user name is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Inactive menu items (marked in gray, for example "Manage roles" on pic 2.) are unavailable or user.

You can disable main menu items animation in settings. You can learn more about this from the article "DataRill`s settings"

2. Quick access toolbar (left menu)

You can access most used pages via quick access toolbar )

DataRillCMS user interface
Button "Go to main page" allows you to quickly move to the main menu (It is important to remember that it cancels the separation of the screen).

DataRillCMS user interface

Button "F.A.Q." allows you to view documentation directly in the CMS workspace.

DataRillCMS user interface

Button "Notifications" allows you to view notifications and also periodically updates the counter of active notifications, displaying their number in the lower right corner of the button.

DataRillCMS user interface

Button "Log out" allows you to log out of your account.

3. Workspace

Workspace - is the active area in which the selected page is displayed. At the top of the workspace is the title and a brief description of the selected page. Just as in the case of "Posts list" there may be elements for sorting publications. When you click on an item from the list of posts / apps, etc. The edit page will open.

4. Action menu (right menu)

The action menu is used to edit and create posts, apps, etc. Buttons become available only when an action can be performed, otherwise they cannot be pressed and the computer mouse cursor will show a prohibitory sign.

DataRillCMS user interface
Action menu buttons
1. Create
2. Delete
3. Save
4. Publish

4.1 Button "Create"

It becomes available only when viewing the list of elements (for example, when viewing the list of posts, users, apps, etc.). When you click on it, an editor opens, with which you can create a new element.

4.1 Button "Delete"

Deletes selected element. It becomes available only when you are editing element.

4.1 Button "Save"

It becomes available when you are editing or creating element, allows you to save it. In the case of posts, the saved posts will not be displayed to visitors, and in order to make it available to everyone, it must be published.

4.1 Button "Publish"

It becomes available when you are editing or creating element, allows you to set the time when the item becomes available to visitors.

5. Split screen

(also can be called split workspace). Is allows you to split workspace into two separate "tabs", on which it is possible to display different pages and combine them. For example, when adding a new role, it’s convenient to split the screen and at the same time look into the documentation, or check the notifications, without interrupting writing the new post.

DataRillCMS user interface
Buttons for work with split screen
1.Go back.
2.Add tab.
3.Close tab.

5.1 Button "Ga back"

Allows you to go back to the menu, for each tab stores its own history.

5.2 Button "add tab"

Allows you to split screen and work in two separated tabs.

5.3 Button "close tab"

Allows you to close tab and remove screen splitting. Important! When splitting the workspace, the added tab will display the main menu, on which there is no button to close the tab. Therefore, in order to close it, you must go to it from the menu to any page, and then the button to close the tab will appear.

5.4 Side menu interaction with the split screen

Side menus are not duplicated when splitting the screen, they interact with the active tab. The active tab is underlined by a white line below. (Pic 1, element 4). To make a tab active, just click on it.