To add an app, you must perform the following steps:
1. Choose "Apps" in the main menu.
2. Click button "Create" ( ) from action menu
3. Enter the name of the application and a brief description (for example, a note about the application, or a link to the website on which it is located). Also, it is important to remember that changing the name of the application, after you save it, will not work.
4. Then click button "Save" ( ) from action menu

Then you can click "Back" ( ) to return to the previous page.

Important! Sometimes you need to reload the page, so changes can take an effect and the app disappears from the list of your apps.

You can get app API key by clicking on button . With this key, your app will be able to access data from DataRillCMS

You can learn about connecting a website / application to DataRillCMS from articles "Connecting website with DataEcho in 5min." and "DataRill API".